The Pleasure of a Good Roar

We at Baubo Roars imagine a lighter world, a world where anything on our minds can be discussed, where we don’t take ourselves too seriously, where we can acknowledge the open side of being human.

In Greek mythology, Baubo helped bring the world back to life by causing Demeter, the goddess of all living things, to laugh. Now Demeter was understandably devastated at her daughter's abduction to the underworld and was showing serious signs of major depressive disorder. Demeter didn't have the option of Prosac or any SSRIs at the time. But as Demeter goes, so goes the earth. Baubo needed to act fast. She danced, cajoled, told bawdy jokes, and finally flipped her skirt baring her vulva to Demeter. Bingo! Demeter laughed, came back to life, and so did the rest of the earth. Demeter went to find her daughter Persephone and the myth continued.

The world today it seems to us could use a few more good laughs. We offer this site to all who’d like to roar with us. For more stories loosely along this line, check out our Tales & Ponderings section in the belly of this site.


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